We are one team with one vision for health, safety and wellbeing.

Zero incidents, zero harm, zero compromise: keeping you healthy and safe, every day at work, underpins everything we do.

Our objective in working together is to eliminate injuries and illness from the workplace and achieve this through positive and collective behavioural change. We’re passionate about achieving excellence in health and safety through collaboration, by minimising risks and by raising awareness among our workforce and our suppliers.

The charter, signed by the principal parties involved in the health and safety leadership team, sets out the key areas we want to influence to achieve our shared triple zero vision. Together we are committed to:

    • Setting standards of health safety and wellbeing across our business, ensuring compliance and leading by example.
    • Maintaining a competent and engaged workforce in our business and throughout our supply chain.
    • Reducing risks through excellent design practices that ensure options are developed taking account of health and safety performance.
    • Challenging unsafe acts, unsafe situations and poor practice and never walking by when intervention is required.
    • Promoting health and wellbeing to enable our people to make informed decisions that will aid in preventing ill health conditions.
    • Communicating with each other, our workforce and our suppliers, listening to feedback and acting on it.
    • Innovating, adopting and sharing good practice so that together we can improve the health safety and wellbeing of our people.

> Download the HSLT charter 


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