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We are the UK's largest water and waste water services company. Every day, we supply 2,600 million litres of tap water to 9 million customers across London and Thames Valley.

We’re delivering nearly £5 billion of investment during AMP5 with the help of our partner organisations. Making sure everyone involved in this work returns home safe and healthy each day, is our number one value.

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  • Excellence in health and safety awards winners announced!

    On Wednesday 29 June, shortlisted entries for the excellence in health and safety awards 2016, gathered together to celebrate their health and safety successes.

    Download 06.07.2016
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  • Confined Spaces

    Guide to planning, entering and working safely in confined spaces.

    Download 06.05.2016
  • Health and Safety: Engaging with contractors

    Everything we do in our business deals with different types of health and safety risk.

    Download 20.09.2012
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  • Safe start 2015 hazard perception

    How perceptive are you? Take our hazard perception quiz.

    Download 18.03.2015
  • November 2014 monthly safety focus.pdf

    In winter we can reduce our health and safety risk by taking some simple steps, both while at work and travelling to and from our site or office.

    Download 18.03.2015
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Toolbox talks
  • March 2015 monthly safety focus

    Falling over at work can often be seen as funny, but it''''s not so amusing if you or your colleagues hurt themselves. It can account for over 11,000 major workplace injuries each year.

    Download 18.07.2016
  • February 2015 monthly safety focus

    Keep it simple - just 20 minutes of exercise can help you live longer!

    Download 18.03.2015
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