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The Health and Safety Hub is structured into seven main areas:


This is where every safety alert added by our partners is stored. You can sort alerts according to when they were added, and choose to view them by topic or when they occured.


This is where every news item added by our partners is stored. You can sort news items according to when they are added, and choose to view them by topic or when they occured.


This is the document repository for all other types of reference material. It includes a video gallery, image gallery, inductions, toolbox talks, manuals, presentations, training materials and the media library.


Every partner has their own profile page in this section. You can find a specific partner through the alphabetical sorting on the left navigation menu. Each partner profile page contains every document they have contributed to the hub.

Leadership Team

The Health and Safety Leadership Team section houses documents to do with the running of the group, such as meeting minutes, newsletters and the charter. It also contains information on the initiatives launched by the group, with relevant documents.

Contact us

There are a number of reasons why you may need to contact people invoved with the hub, and this section will help put you in touch with the right person.

About the hub

Further background on the website, and what we hope to achieve.


To make it easy finding your way around the site we have ensured that the navigation options are always displayed on screen.

When navigating through the website:

  • You can tell where you are in the site by looking at the navigation on the top of the screen and down the left hand side.  
  • You can move around, as well as up and down through the site, by clicking the navigation on the top tabs or the links down the left hand side.
  • The left-hand side navigation will expand and contract to show what is available, and will open to a maximum of four levels.
  • The search facility is available at the top-right of every page
  • The sitemap at the bottom right-hand corner of every page shows the complete structure of our website. 


To search for information simply type the appropriate key word into the search box.

Whether it's our company history or how to pay your bill, our latest environmental reports or what we are doing in the community, the displayed results will take you directly to the information you need.

System requirements

For the best experience when viewing this website we recommend that you use version 8 or later of Microsoft Internet Explorer or version 5.0 of Mozilla Firefox.

We also recommend you use a screen resolution of 1028x768 pixels or greater. If the images on your screen do not display properly, then try increasing the number of colours (if your hardware permits). Please refer to your PC owner's manual for instructions on how to do this.


In order to view and download some of the documents available on this website you will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Adobe Acrobat is a file that enables you to download documents onto your computer whilst retaining their hard-copy format.

On the Adobe website choose your operating system, e.g. Windows 7 from the drop-down box. Make a note of where you have downloaded the file, then find it on your computer and double-click it. The installation programme will do the rest.

The use of cookies

A file system called cookies is used to track the user's progress through the site, making best use of your individual internet preferences. No personal data is stored using cookies.

Please see our cookie policy for information on how we use cookies.

The use of JavaScript

JavaScript should be fully activated in your browser to make full use of this website. If JavaScript has been deactivated, then the layout of the page may not appear properly.


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