From revision sheets to briefing papers, help us build our library of training materials.

Training materials
  • Personal Travel Plan and Assessment

    Personal travel plan and assessment introduced by B&V for all high mileage drivers. Form is prepared by individuals with their line managers and monitored monthly.

    Download 13.11.2015
  • Safety Alert - Generator Cover Injury

    During works involving the excavation of a number of trial trenches on the public highway, water had entered an excavation, which required pumping out. This involved utilising a submersible pump, powered by a 6kVA super silent generator. During a maintenance inspection of the generator, an operative lifted the cover. However, the stay for the cover was not fully engaged, resulting in the cover to fall and trap the operative''s finger, causing a crush injury.

    Download 18.03.2015
  • Safe use of mobile phones 2

    Best practice poster in the safe use of mobile phones on construction sites

    Download 04.03.2015
  • Safe use of mobile phones

    Best practice poster in the safe use of mobile phones on construction sites

    Download 04.03.2015
  • Falling objects

    Interserve recommends this item is briefed to appropriate groups involving work at height. This briefing note explains the hierarchy of risk control, and also provides ''visual standards'' of best practice.

    Download 04.03.2014
  • LOWE Pocket Card

    This is the product of the Working Group that looked into Lifting Operations With Excavators (LOWE). Interserve advise the perusal and use together with a Toolbox talk on LOWE. The pocket card can be handed out and retained by the individuals.

    Download 16.01.2014
  • Take 5 Poster

    Take 5 forms part of our BeSafe approach encouraging people to Stop and Think before starting work activities and making sure they do not place themselves "In the Line of Fire".

    Download 06.01.2014
  • Training in cleaning - Best practice

    After recruitment, each MITIE cleaner undergoes an induction training programme to test their current ability and provide further training, including safe use of cleaning equipment.

    Download 03.07.2013
  • H&S Focus July 2013

    Lifting - Experience has shown that lifting operations can be hazardous work activities if not properly planned.

    Download 02.07.2013
  • Workplace Wobble episode 1

    Episode notes to accompany the film at

    Download 27.06.2013
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