Thames Water "The Client"

Our Role as the Client

Developing the “Client Project Brief”

Developing the Pre-Construction / Existing Hazard Information

Appointing the Principal Contractor

Appointing the Principal Designer

Producing the F10 if above the threshold

"Principal Designer / Designer"

Further development of the Pre-Construction Information

Prepares the Health and Safety File

Identifies and prepares a risk register relevant to the works

Communicates with the Client and the Principal Contractor

Handovers the completed Health and Safety File to the Client

“Principal Contractor / Contractor”

Communicates with the Client and the Principal Designer

Produces a Construction phase Health and Safety Plan

Ensures that the site is set up correctly to carry out the works

Ensures that the site has adequate welfare facilities

Maintains and regularly reviews the H&S File and the Construction Phase H&S Plan.

An introduction to CDM