Thames Water "The Client"

Our Role as the Client

Developing the “Client Project Brief”

Developing the Pre-Construction / Existing Hazard Information

Appointing the Principal Contractor

Appointing the Principal Designer

Producing the F10 if above the threshold

"Principal Designer / Designer"

Further development of the Pre-Construction Information

Prepares the Health and Safety File

Identifies and prepares a risk register relevant to the works

Communicates with the Client and the Principal Contractor

Handovers the completed Health and Safety File to the Client

“Principal Contractor / Contractor”

Communicates with the Client and the Principal Designer

Produces a Construction Phase Plan

Ensures that the site is set up correctly to carry out the works

Ensures that the site has adequate welfare facilities

Maintains and regularly reviews the H&S File and the Construction Phase H&S Plan.

An introduction to CDM