Life Saving Commitments

Thames Water is an organisation that learns from incidents so we can prevent reoccurrence and further reduce risk of injury to those working with us. Our Lifesaving Commitments have been created using the lessons learnt from incidents which have occurred in the past. We will always strive to reinforce our Triple Zero vision of Zero Harm, Zero Incidents and Zero Compromise, our Lifesaving Commitments are a reflection of this ethos.

To ensure your teams are aware of the importance of these commitments, we will provide you with a pack of information to help you promote discussion and can be used as posters, an introduction video created by your peers and teams across Capital Delivery with a personal view of why the Life Saving Commitments are so important to them and learning from previous incidents for each topic that can be communicated to your teams over a few days.

The six Lifesaving commitments will be rolled out over the next 12 months and all of the information you need will be available on the H&S Hub for ease of access and future reference.

We ALWAYS ensure that the public are protected by barriers that are strong, safe, secure and childproof.

Thames Water and its Partners carry out thousands of activities each year, construction, streetworks, tankering and deliveries. Hazards associated with these activities can cause risks to our customers.

In the UK every year, children and other members of the public are killed or injured by work activities that are not adequately controlled.

Please download the document to the right which contains more information about Protecting the Public.

Making the Commitment - Public Protection

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Learning Bulletin 1 - Member of Public falling


Learning Bulletin 2 - Member of Public fatality


Schools Education - Safety at Roadworks

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Learning Bulletin 3 - Member of Public undermining structures


Learning Bulletin 4 - Member of Public Laceration